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Picture of Small Upright Pet Monument

Small Upright Pet Monument

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Your pet monument includes:

  • An all polished Jet Black granite tablet and base
  • Your pet's picture permanently engraved
  • Includes engraving for name, dates & an epitaph
  • You will get to review a proof before production

Instructions for sending the picture are further below
Production lead time is 10-14 business days 

Size:  Small  7" H x 12" L x 2" W (Tablet)
                   16" L x  6" W x 2" H (Base)
 NOTE:If going to a pet cemetery, please make certain it meets their requirements or let us know to contact them for approvalThese upright pet monuments are perfect for a pet cemetery or a private pet gravesite. Made from Jet Black granite with all sides polished, these handsome monuments depict the exact likeness of your beloved pet (you supply the photo) and are certain to be thecenterpiece of any pet cemetery.


  • ALWAYS - submit original photographs, or raw data from your digital camera.
  • NEVER - submit prints of scanned photographs
  • NEVER - submit photocopies of photographs
  • NEVER - submit prints made from a laser or ink-jet printer

REMEMBER - that even though a copy may look good enough to you, our professional equipment sees things that the human eye cannot. Inadequate submissions drastically reduce the quality of the finished product.

Our goal is to help you to get the best possible reproduction of your beloved pet.


1. If sending a hardcopy, print a copy of your order to send along to the address below with the picture. You will receive the original back. 

2. If emailing digital image make certain it meets the following criteria:

  • Must have a resolution of NO LESS than 300 dpi.
  • The image size must be at least 4" x 6"
  • Must be submitted in jpeg format (.jpg)
  • When emailing it to us make certain to reference your order number

3. Be sure to include any cropping/layout instructions you may require (we will try our best to accommodate them)

Email picture to: 

$400.00 incl tax